Besides being branding and design professionals, Kurppa Hosk has also co-founded a bag company, Unit Portables. With distribution in 25 countries and over 50,000 units sold, it’s undeniably a success.
In 2011, the market for computer bags had long been quite generic. Most products were businesslike, brands and models looking nearly the same. Andreas Ehde approached Kurppa Hosk with the idea of revolutionizing the industry by creating something completely different. The result was Unit portables.
The collaboration began with product development creating an entirely new type of functional bags based on a modular system with pockets and cases that could be buttoned on and off and transferred between the different models. The products themselves set out the direction for Kurppa Hosk’s work on the brand name, the visual identity and the communication around the brand.
Since the first collection was launched in 2011, more than 50,000 Unit Portables have been sold in 25 countries. The bags are carried by fashionable stores such as the Conran Shop in Tokyo, and Gestalten in Berlin. Just recently, Unit Portables were added to the museum shop at MOMA, New York.
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