Instead of the ordinary paper tear bar, the Ninjaplast box has a built-in cutting blade, making its wrapping “fumble free”. Kurppa Hosk was assigned to create an equally strong package design.
Ninjaplast’s package holds a built-in cutting blade – making the plastic wrapping easy to cut off and use. Kurppa Hosk was assigned to create a new visual identity and a strong package design for Ninjaplast.
Virtually all cling-wrap brands look similar. They all use bright colors in their package designs, along with images of food. Kurppa Hosk chose to break the category tradition and work with a single-color box – in black. The main product feature was emphasized through clear messaging and illustrations in white and the new logotype helped place further focus on the unique cutting blade.
The result is a package design with strong differentiation in the product category. Kurppa Hosk trusts that Ninjaplast will be purchased not only for its excellent functionality, but also for its design. It might even become a kitchen item that consumers want out in the open rather than tucked away in a drawer.

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